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Front Porch Custom Builders


Custom Designed and Built:

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Why choose Front Porch Custom Builders?

There are several custom home builders out there.  What makes us different?


Thompson Kitchen

Quality is priority one for us.  We treat every project as if we were building our own home or pool or barn.  We don't cut any corners and we make it right.  We work with trade partners we trust that are equally passionate, stand behind what they create, and finish the job with pride.


Nash Stairs

Attention to detail starts in the design phase and continues through to when you get the keys.  We listen to all of your wants / needs and work them into your own unique plan.  we will dive into 3D renderings and help you visualize your workflow in this future space.


Randy onsite

We have a Randy!  Randy Colvin is our General Contractor.  Not just a GC that manages our trade partners, but a GC that gets his hands dirty.  He is onsite practically everyday answering questions, and making sure quality and detail are up to his incredibly high standards ensuring the job is done right.

When you walk into a Front Porch Custom Builders built home you will see, hear and feel the difference. 

Customer Reviews:

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Our Process


Initial Meeting

In the initial meeting, we will sit down with you, describe to you what makes our homes unique, and make sure this collaboration is right for you.

We review all of your ideas.  We will review any inspiration pictures, Pinterest pages, sample layouts, and drill down to uncover what you specifically like about each element.

We will discuss and work with your budget to prioritize your needs and wants.

At the end of this meeting we should have enough information to start putting together conceptual drawings.



During this review, we show you the layout in 2D and then walk you through and around the plan in 3D on the screen.  

 We put a lot of thought into each iteration, not just against your needs and wants but also focusing on workflow, or traffic flow, or usability of space in the plan. 


Its important that the plan is as interesting as it is functional.



Once we have the conceptual plans to your satisfaction, you then choose one of two options:

Cost Plus:

Full Transparency.  You see every line item.

Fixed Price:

We charge you a fixed price for building your home. 

This is an important choice.  The good news is you have a choice.  We can discuss with you the pro's and con's of each option and you can decide how to proceed.



Final review of the budget.


Then the decision from you to proceed or go back to the drawing board.



In this phase we provide you a building document to submit to your bank for the construction loan.


The bank will get an appraisal based our plan and surrounding comps.

During this time we will seek approval from your Home Owners Association (HOA) if necessary.

Once the financing of the construction loan is approved, and the HOA approves, we will submit the paperwork for all city, township, and county permits.



In this phase we will take you around to all of our showrooms and help you pick out your facets, tubs, showers, tile, carpet, countertops, etc.

We have experts to help you.

We also space it over a few visits to not overwhelm you.

This is the hardest part of the whole process.  But we will help you and make it as painless as possible. 



Its time to start building your dreams!

Sit back and relax.  Randy is in your corner.  He will be onsite just about every day and several times a day making certain everything goes smoothly. He's there answering questions, and triple checking everything.  



A collection of our projects past and present

Exterior Gallery

Interior Gallery


Swimming Pools

Our work


Front Porches are where you go to relax after a long day.  Where you go to watch your kids play in the yard.  Where you rock back and forth enjoying some of the best company of a friend, loved one, or nature.  

Front Porch Custom Builders was started by two friends who enjoy sitting on front porches passing the time as we watch our kids grow up in front us.  Two business partners that strive for excellence in everything we do.  We find ways to get the job done right, without compromising our standards.  Our attention to detail will shine, and we hope you will love your new custom home just as we do.  

We thank you for the opportunity.  Lets make your dreams a reality.

Mike and Randy sitting on the Front Porch with their wives

Becky and Mike Kirkwood on the Left

Kim and Randy Colvin on the Right.


We were sitting on the front porch snapping beans lost in a conversation as our kids played together in the yard.  


Photo Credit:  Oliver Colvin (age 7).

Randy Colvin - General Contractor

Mike Kirkwood - Design

Erin Gervais - Client Coordinator

Guy Fisher - Project Manager

Latrenda Thompson - Office Manager

Front Porch Team

Latrenda | Guy | Randy | Erin | Mike

Front Porch Custom Builders


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Granville, OH 43023

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Referrals and Co-Op


We love when we get referrals from past clients, family, friends, neighbors, realtors, etc.  We are very passionate about what we do and we take each project to heart - it means a lot to us.  So as a reward for sharing the love, we would like to give you $500 if your referral leads to a signed contract.    


If you are a hands-on realtor or consultant that goes on the design and build journey with us, we would like to reward you too for your time commitment and sharing your expertise with our mutual client.   We will pay you 3% of the contract price when you do the following:

  • Introduce the client to us

  • Attend one or more meetings with the clients to share your expertise during design sessions

  • Is an active contributor and/or translator to the builder on the clients behalf throughout the journey

  • Provides support (advice, or another set of eyes) to the client during the design, contracting, and build phase

  • Co-Op form was completed and signed by builder, client, and realtor/consultant prior to contract signed

Click here to register your clients

Referral / Co-op payment will be paid at final draw of the construction project.

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